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The Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice1st4sport Level 3 Certificate

Designed for experienced assessors, the course provides the knowledge and skills needed to perform the key activities of internally quality assuring assessment. Holders can gain employment as an internal verifier.

The qualification is transferable to any sector learners have occupational competence in and provides a national benchmark of good practice for England.

What does this qualification cover?

Our learning programmes include: an induction to the qualification and your programme of learning and assessment; a learning programme that meets your needs, focusing on the theory and practice of internal verification; a programme of assessment, spread throughout the course, including observations of your internal verification practice by an appropriately qualified assessor.

Who is it suitable for?

This qualification is intended for those who maintain the quality of assessment from within an organisation or assessment centre.

How can I be confident of quality?

Your tutor will have experience of assessing teacher training either in the school or other work environment. Many of our tutors have national and international assessment experience in this field.

One of the tutors is the afPE National Lead for Assessment and another is a qualified Ofsted inspector currently inspecting in the FE Sector.

The recommended guided learning hours are 90 and this gives you 12 credits. Our learning programmes will usually be designed to meet the needs of the learners.

They may, therefore, vary in length and format. Depending on your needs and circumstance, we can offer intensive courses or a series of learning events, over a period of weeks or months

Performance is assessed specifically in the following:

  • demonstrate an appropriate knowledge and understanding of the internal quality assurance of assessment, which will be assessed via performance, tasks and questioning
  • utilise an internal quality assurance strategy and sampling plan
  • plan, carry out and review an internal quality assurance intervention with an assessor and two learners
  • plan, carry out and review an internal quality assurance intervention with a different assessor and two learners, observed by an appropriately qualified assessor
  • carry out evaluations of two internal quality assurance interventions for two assessors (four in total)

The course costs £549+vat. This includes your registration fee which we pay to 1st4sport on your behalf, planning, delivery, photocopying, resources, a course portfolio/learner pack, assessment, internal verification, course administration and certification

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