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The Company Directors are Andrew Frapwell and Nicola Brant.. The Company were inaugurated on 23rd December 2009 and officially started trading as afTLC Ltd on 1st January 2010.

what do we do?

We are an Education Services Company and pride ourselves in providing affordable bespoke support for organisations, groups or individuals within organisations to be more efficient and effective. We are a company that seeks to establish, embed and enhance close working relationships with business and educational organisations. We focus on areas of activity where professional learning really can make a positive difference to transforming the workforce. We are continually seeking innovative and better ways of doing things to ensure sustainable improved practice in constantly changing times and in achieving the best deal for clients.

the stables

how are are we organised?

There are two divisions to the company. The first division is the provision of professional courses in the education and training sector. We are an accredited centre approved by 1st4sport qualifications, Sports Leaders UK and ITC First Ltd.The second division is the provision of professional learning support for tutors, teachers, coaches and volunteers who are working in organisations concerned with the education and training of children, young people and adults. This was the natural development of a sole trader business run by Andrew Frapwell from 2004-2009, after his role at the University of Worcester in teacher training.

afTLC principles

afTLC principles, values, aims

our principles

af Thinking & Learning Company is committed to a philosophy of promoting thinking & learning about better ways of doing things. This means:
  • ensuring that improving processes of thinking & learning for higher standards are at the heart of all that we do
  • inspiring, challenging and motivating individuals, teams and organisations to consistently seek to raise standards
  • effectively monitoring and measuring improved outputs, outcomes and impact

our values

The ethos of putting something back into the community is a core value of af Thinking & Learning Company Ltd.
  • A commitment to the development and support for all staff to contribute effectively to our aims and to succeed in their roles
  • A social conscience for openness, honesty and responsibility for our actions, and a full inclusive engagement for those who collaborate with us
  • Effective use of resources in providing value for money services

our aims

af Thinking & Learning Company serves to give practical support to the transformation of schools, education and training by empowering and enabling high performing innovative individuals and teams. Specifically we want to:
  • Build and embed capability and capacity within the system to improve effectiveness and performance
  • Foster an innovative enquiry-based approach to thinking and learning about improving practice
  • Establish positive relationships based on personal learning and thinking needs relevant to local context

our team

Let us introduce you to our dedicated team